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Wonderfil - Eleganza #8 Perle Cotton Neutral Box Set

Wonderfil - Eleganza #8 Perle Cotton Neutral Box Set

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  • Description

    Wonderfil Eleganza Neutrals Thread Pack

    This is an 8wt, 2-ply 100% long staple Egyptian cotton thread. 

    Eleganza™ is now available in lovely packs for those who are looking for a great starter set or gift idea! This pack comes with 12 of 5g (38m, 42yd) Eleganza balls. 

    The smooth and lustrous thread glides beautifully through all types of fabrics and fibres, and is perfect for wool appliqué, hand embroidery, sashiko, crochet, knitting, and crafts.

  • Pack Colours

    Size: 12 x 5g balls (42yd)
    Weight #8


    EL5G-100 White
    EL5G-226 Dandelion Puff
    EL5G-1 Canyon Walls
    EL5G-126 Sandstone
    EL5G-410 Khaki
    EL5G-2 Burnished Steel
    EL5G-426 Nutmeg
    EL5G-8 Black Lotus
    EL5G-802 Seagull
    EL5G-800 Brewing Storm
    EL5G-5 Licorice
    EL5G-200 Black

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